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Ms Kashveera Chanderjith

Ms Kashveera Chanderjith, the first profoundly deaf chartered accountant in South Africa, has not withstanding her disability and against all odds, achieved academically and is now reaching out into communities to inspire, motivate and encourage transformation of individuals and communities.
The parents of this 25-year old woman from KwaZulu-Natal was told shortly after her birth that she would never be able to learn to speak, but today in her own voice she advocates for the rights of deaf people as well as spreads deaf awareness and is involved in a number of upliftment projects.

The projects include the building of a school that provides free education to disadvantaged learners; a multi-cultural centre which has as its vision poverty alleviation; medical camps; as well as feeding schemes.
Ms Chanderjith’s life started without sound and a voice but this changed dramatically as she grew up. Her journey to discovering her voice started with her parent’s decision to not teach her sign language but rather the Aural-Oral method of communication. The first word she eventually said after years of speech therapy was “flower”.

At this young age she decided not let her disability be her weakness, but to overcome it and make it her strength. Although her life has been a long struggle she has set new benchmarks all along the way thus opening new doors for the disabled.
She worked very hard, achieved five distinctions in matric and went on to become the first deaf graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She then went on to complete her honours degree at the University of South Africa (UNISA).
Recently she qualified as a chartered accountant having passed both her board exams on her first attempt. She is currently employed at Anglo American as part of Anglo Business Assurance Services.

Outside of her professional career Ms Chanderjith does a lot of work on individual basis and group basis to motivate and uplift people, and as a disabled person she has a long-lasting encouraging impact on the people she meets.
Her community work is aimed at grass-root level to help solve many of the problems that the current generation faces.
Ms Chanderjith’s personal goal is to be an instrument of change for our dynamic South African society and her professional goal is to become a key role player in the South African corporate sector.



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